Sky Walk Her
I'm walking around...and sky is my limit.
This is what i see, what i love and what i'm dreaming on...
By A.Miranda


Keira perfect in head-to-toe Prada

Life is too short to wear boring clothes

Early night with friends. New spot in town: cheese and wine!!
With Lefties “kisser” purse ;)

Forgive me father for i have sinned 😇😇 #makeup #toofaced #betterthansex #mascara

Getting blue… Best brunch in my home town

Sky Walk Her in Paris-Express shopping #2

Some express shopping in Paris. Well, Killiwatch was NOT express at all ( a few hours ago, and my harms can’t take anymore piece!!!)
Vintage clothes, Killiwatch store
Purse, Essentiel Antwerp
Favorite Parfum, Coco Mademoiselle CHANEL

Algumas compras rápidas em Paris. Bem, na Killiwatch não foi assim tão rápido (ao fim de algumas horas, os meus braços já não aguentavam nem mais uma pecinha!!!!)


Pitti Uomo: home to some of the most gorgeous and stylish women on the planet. Featuring Mrs. Esther Quek…

Ph: Beyond Fabric

G’Morning! Keep it simple